Q: What are the requirements to apply for a dentist?
  1. Client calls to make an appointment
  2. Upon receiving Application stamp with the date it was received on
  3. Follow check list provided on the front of the application
    • Dentist:
      • Completed Application
      • 2 ½ x 2 ½ Photo (Signed and Dated in the back)
      • Release of Liability (Signed and Dated)
      • Practice Plan
      • Copy of Diploma (Notarized)
      • Authorization and release
      • Permit to use Dental Analgesia
      • Background Profile
      • Copy of U.S. Passport, Driver’s License or Photo Id
      • Questionnaire for Dental Employment ( If applicant answers yes to any of the question, must provide a written statement or provide documents)
      • Record of Payment (All payments must be paid at Treasure of Guam unless application was mailed in from off-island.)
      • Verification of Dental Licensure 
      • Continuing Dental Education 65hr each /24 month period
      • Certificate of Dental Education

All applications must be completed with required documents attached in order to be added to the agenda.
Q: How do you apply to take the Jurisprudence exam?
A: To schedule a Jurisprudence Exam, Please call the Health Professional Licensing Office secretary at 671-735-7408.
Q: How do I apply for a Verification Letter?
A: Please email the HPLO secretary at [email protected] providing your full name, dental license and provide a copy of the record of payment form with receipt attached.