About GBED


            The Guam Board of Examiners for Dentistry licenses dentists, including the designation of specialists in the practice of dentistry, provided the practice area is recognized by the American Dental Association as a dental specialty or a bona fide certifying body recognized by the Board; dental hygienists, dental lab technician, dental assistants, and dental auxiliary or ancillary personnel.

            “The practice of dentistry by any person who has not been issued a license under the provisions of this Article (unless covered by an exception), or whose license has been suspended or revoked or has expired is hereby declared to be contrary to the law, public policy and to be a danger to the health and welfare of the public.” 10 GCA § 12480. “A person who practices dentistry or who attempts to practice dentistry without a license shall  be guilty of a third degree felony. A person who practices as a dental hygienist, or who attempts to practice as a dental hygienist, without a license shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.” 10 GCA § 12470.

The Board’s regular meetings are on the third Wednesday of the month at 3:00 p.m.

Board Contact Information

Sharon Manibusan
Community Program Aide I
[email protected]

GBED Board Staff and Management

Dr. Antonio Rapadas
[email protected]

Dr. Joon Ha
Vice Chairperson
[email protected]

Dr. Collette Supit
[email protected]

Dr. Robert Yang
[email protected]

Autumn Yoo
[email protected]

GBED Services
The board shall have all the powers necessary and convenient to carry out and perform the purposes and provisions of this Article including the following, in addition to other powers and duties granted in this Article, and may
  • Have a seal and modify it;
  • Enter into and execute contracts and instruments of every kind of nature, necessary and convenient to the exercise of its powers and function;
  • Make and from time to time modify and repeal rules and regulations, not inconsistent with this Article and approved by the Commission, providing for the administration of its affairs and operations, and for carrying into effect its powers and purposes;
  • Maintain records;
  • Acquire any personal property by lease, purchase gift r grant necessary to the affairs of the society; and
  • Hold hearings as required to fulfill its duties.