FAQ#1: How do I obtain a license verification from the Guam Board of Medical Examiners?

Response: Active primary source verification may be found by visiting: Guammedical.org and clicking the "providers" tab. You may search a licensee status by the FIRST &/or LAST NAME. (If you're unable to locate a licensee, please contact the Health Professional Licensing Office via email: ciana.galindo@dphss.guam.gov with the subject line: Primary source verification>License name)

For license verifications, please refer to the steps below & required documents;
Required Documents:

  1. An updated Authorization to release information signed by the licensee.
  2. Completed record of payment document. (GBME-7) –https://guamhplo.org/sites/default/files/record_of_payment.pdf
  3. $25 license verification fee, mailed to our office located at; 194 Hernan Cortez Avenue, Suite 213A. Terlaje Professional Building, Hagatna, Guam 96910.

Please note the following:

**Checks are the only form of payment accepted, please ensure that the check is made payable to "TREASURER OF GUAM". **

**Please include in the request an address or email to where the verification will be sent. Verification requests with no address/email, will be sent to the licensee last known on file.**

Incomplete requests will not be processed.


FAQ #2: What is the difference between a Primary Source Verification vs. License Verification?

Response: Primary Source Verification provides minimal information such as; Issued license number, Licensee name, Status and Licensee specialty. This verification is free of charge. License Verification provides extended information regarding a licensee such as: Issued license number, Licensee name, Status, Effective date, Expiration date, Licensee specialty and Derogatory information (if any). There is a $25 fee charged for this verification.