About GBSW

                                                                       GUAM BOARD OF SOCIAL WORK

            It is the intent of the Guam Legislature “to promote, preserve, and protect the public health, safety, and welfare by and through the effective control and regulation of the practice of social work; the licensure of social workers; the licensure, control, and regulation of persons, in or out of this territory that practice social work within the territory.” 10 GCA § 122301. The Guam Board of Social Work licenses and regulates three levels of social work practice: Bachelor of Social Work; Master’s of Social Work; and Clinical Social Work.

            Social work practice means the professional application of social work values, principles, ethics and techniques in the following areas: (1) information, resource identification, referral services, mediation services, advocacy services and education of individuals, groups, couples and families; (2) preparation and evaluation of assessments and development and implementation of social work service plans; (3) case management, coordination, casework intervention and monitoring of social work service plans in the areas of personal, social or economic resources, conditions, or problems; (4) administration and development of social service programs, policies, community organization, planning, implementation, and involvement in the evaluation of social systems and social policies; (5) social work consultation and resource development; (6) research through the formal design and methodology of data collection and the analysis and evaluation of data, social work programs, social systems and social policies; and (7) psychosocial assessment, diagnostic impressions, treatment of individuals, couples, families, and groups, prevention of psychosocial dysfunction, disability or impairment, including emotional, mental and behavioral disorders, and evaluation of practice effectiveness. 10 GCA § 122302(e).

            Clinical Social Work is a specialty within the practice of Master’s of Social Work, and requires the application of social work theory, knowledge, methods, ethics, and the professional use of self to restore or enhance social, psychosocial, or bio-psycho-social functioning of individuals, couples, families, groups, organizations, and communities. The practice of Clinical Social Work requires the application of specialized clinical knowledge and advanced clinical skills in the areas of assessment; diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders, conditions, and addictions; and evaluation. Treatment methods include the provision of individual, marital, couple, family and group counseling and psychotherapy. The practice of Clinical Social Work may include private practice and the provision of clinical supervision.

10 GCA § 122302(d).

Role of the Board
  • Promulgates rules and regulations
  • Selects and administers licensing examination
  • Evaluate educational and training of applicants
  • Issue or denies initial licenses
  • Approval or deny applications for license registration and renewal
  • Receive, review and investigate complaints
  • Develop and adopts its budget
  • Disciplines licenses found in violation of the Social Work practice act and issues subpoenas

GBSW Board

Angelina-Marie C. Lape

Jesse Baleto

Diana Calvo
Vice Chairperson

There are currently no fees for Social Work.

Payment methods: Off Island (checks only), On Island (proceed to Treasurer of Guam)

Deadlines: Licenses expires every two (2) years. No set date, everyone will differ.