About GBEP


     The Guam Legislature has declared that the practice of pharmacy is “a professional practice affecting the public health, safety, and welfare and is subject to regulation and control in the public interest[,] that only qualified persons be permitted to engage in the practice of pharmacy, and to ensure the quality of drugs and related devices distributed on Guam.” 10 GCA § 12602.

     Guam Board of Examiners for Pharmacy (GBEP) is responsible for the licensure of pharmacists, interns, and pharmacy technicians in Guam and the operation of pharmacies and wholesale pharmacy outlets in accordance with the Guam Pharmacy Practice Act.

GBEP reviews, approves, and issues licenses for the following professions under pharmacy:
  • Pharmacist (by Examination or Endorsement)
  • Pharmacy Intern
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Pharmacy Facility (Local and Non-Resident)
  • Wholesale/Distributor
The GBEP is a five (5) member board who is appointed by the Governor.

Board Members

Melissa Gabriel
[email protected]

Jed Sana
Vice Chairperson
[email protected]

Angelina Eustaquio
[email protected]

Art Mariano
[email protected]

Thomas J. Caruso
[email protected]

Regular Scheduled Board Meetings
Regular scheduled board meetings are held every third (3rd) Thursday of every month at 7:30 a.m. at the Health Professional Licensing Office Conference Room located at 194 Hernan Cortez Ave, Terlaje Professional Building Suite 209, Hagatna, Guam.

If you would like to address the Board with any questions or concerns regarding the licensure process, examinations, or the law/rules and regulations, please email the Board contact listed below.

Board Contact Information

Mr. Baltazar Hattori III
Program Coordinator I
[email protected]

Ms. Jasmine J. Almoguera
Program Coordinator I
[email protected]

Renewal of Licenses
The following licenses expire on the 1st of July and must be renewed annually:
  • Pharmacy Interns

The following licenses expire on the 30th of September and must be renewed annually:
  • Pharmacies (Local and Non-Resident)
  • Wholesale/Distributors (Local and Non-Resident)

The following licenses expire on the 30th of September and must be renewed bi-annually:
  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy Technicians